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Historic Building Conservation Dissertation Definition

Masters dissertations

MSc Conservation of Historic Buildings

Historic Cinemas Conservation: The Difficulty of Re-Development Proposals

Daniel O'Neill, 2017

The Work of Philip Webb and his Contribution to Modern Conservation Philosophy

Oliver Burton, 2017

Heritage and the Housing Crisis Why does the UKs ongoing housing crisis' pose a threat to heritage assets and how can the sustainable residential redevelopment of historic buildings, their sites and settings help to address this problem?

Edward Heritage, 2017

The Edward Everard building facade designed byWilliam James Neatby during his later years at Doulton.What led to its creation and how this makes it significant.

Annika Pugh, 2017

Frozen in Time: Defrosting the Myth of Captain Scotts Cape Evans Hut

Christopher John Gosling, 2017

The Antique Intruder: Classical church furnishings in Gothic churches, 1660-1760.

Rory Lamb, 2017

Rebuilding Bath after the Blitz: Philosophy & Approaches

Lloyd Dmytro Smerklo, 2017

The Interplay of Government and Community in Post-War Reconstruction: The Cases of Dresden Frauenkirche and the Assembly Rooms

Maha Al-Khatib, 2017

A Study of Heritage Authenticity in the Context of Heritage Tourism

Han Huang, 2017

THE INTEGRATION BETWEEN CONTEMPORARY AND HISTORIC BUILDINGS: The Compatibility for The Integration of Contemporary Buildings into World Heritage Site With Three Case Studies in Bath

Tugce Busra Su, 2017

ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN HISTORIC BUILDINGS:The Public Perceived Balance Between Retrofitting Measures and Heritage Character

Reyyan Okutan, 2017

BIM and heritage at risk:study of the potential of BIM in seismic risk prevention, with special reference to heritage assets in Italy

Paola Sannicandro, 2017

Corporate Ownership Leading to the Destruction of Heritage Assets and the New Morgan Matrix Assessment Survey Model

Ashton Morgan Vaughan, 2017

New interventions within the curtilage of listed buildings: A critique of the new Exhibition Road Quarter at the V&A Museum

Madeleine Rigby, 2017

Graffiti: The passage from crime to our shared heritage.

Laura Batham, 2017

How has the Occupation of an Historic Country House by a School Impacted its Preservation?

Oliver Charles Howe, 2017

Class Q Permitted Development: The case for change

Fenella Stone, 2016

Understanding the Adaptive Reuse of Buildings: How can the Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings in the Rhondda Improve the Community?

Isobel Rees, 2016

Sense and Sensitivity: Understanding and Managing the Historic Skyline of Oxford

Matthew Stevens, 2016

Protecting Alvar Aalto

Sirpa Annikka Nieminen, 2016

Shelters for archaeological sites in the landscape: analysis and design criteria

Marc Pique Gascon, 2016

The Effect of the Conservation Movement within Social History: Discussed in the Context of Thatching, featuring Wiltshire

Kylie Coles, 2016


Shradha Arora, 2016

Conservation of Post-War Public Library Interiors

Elizabeth Ashworth, 2016

Protection or Economic Regeneration? The Conflict between Conservation and Tourism in Belfast with particular reference to the Titanic Quarter.

Lucy Atkinson, 2016

Khans in Cyprus: their introduction and survival, their effects in the everyday life of Cypriots and their conservation/restoration

Katerina Frangoullidou, 2016

Preserving Memories of War and Conflict in the Buffer Zone of the Walled city of Nicosia

Christina Miltiadou, 2016

Underfloor Heating within Churches: An Opportunity from Below?With Particular Reference to The Bath Abbey, The Church of St. John The Baptist and The Priory Church of St. Mary & St. Blaise.

Daisy Nelson, 2016

Control, Construction and Conservation: Female Dynasts and Property in Elizabethan England

Megan Eloise Green, 2016


Kan Zhao, 2016

Rooms of Power in an Age of Austerity

David Bostock, 2016

The Red Wing: A case study of the evolution and conservation of the service wing at Croome Court, Worcestershire.

Bryony Taylor, 2015

Adaptive re-use of 19th century prisons, with particular reference to Peterhead's Prison in the context of economic downturn versus heritage regeneration.

Jessica Scott, 2015

Paradigm Shift: Can Objectivity Find Home in Farmstead Adaptive Reuse?

Jennifer Coots, 2015

The Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning in Building Conservation

Daniela Goncalves Marques, 2015

The Impact of Living Religious Heritage on the Conservation of Church of England Parish Churches.

Charlotte Lucina Curtis, 2015

The Protection of Identity: Overcoming Authenticity Issues at the Bath Thermae Spa

Jacquelina Lambert-Rose, 2015

A Trail of Baths Industrial Heritage: Visitor Interpretation Towards an Alternative Narrative of the City.

Thomas Thurlow, 2015

19th Century Schools: Their Significance, Survival and Conservation with particular reference to Somerset

Howard Warren, 2015

The role of traditional renders and mortars in the material culture of northern Oman

Naafiah Saleem, 2015

Heritage at Risk in Ireland: An Opportunity to Protect Endangered Buildings?

Niamh, Siobhan Kiernan, 2015

Community-led Heritage Conservation: Saving a 20th Century British Outdoor Swimming Pool

Florence Spaven, 2015

Listed Building Redevelopment in Bristol:Changing Attitudes to Urban Redevelopment using Case Studies from the City of Bristol

Lucy Elizabeth Barker, 2015

Adapting-Converting Redundant Church Buildings: The Impact towards Community Value.

Andry Ioannou, 2015

Heritage on film: The impact on historic sites of filming for television and cinema.

Laura Reynolds, 2015

Evidence for Architectural Branding in the LateNineteenth Century

Zachary Osborne, 2015

Venice: Could an artificial reef be the best solution for the future of this world heritage site?

Caroline Meadley, 2015

Brunels Cornish Timber Viaducts A Costly Mistake or A Missed Conservation Opportunity?

Nigel Green, 2015

Hydroelectric power generation as a rationale for the reuse of historic watermills

Daniel Ayre, 2015

Are Italian authorities well-prepared to protect masonry churches against the next earthquake? Proposition of one aspect of a seismic risk mitigation strategy toward Italian masonry churches illustrated with two case studies.

Marine Bristot, 2015

The Role of the Public Sector in Historic Building Conservation in Hong Kong.

Kun Ng, 2015

Reflections on glass and iron conservatories 1840-1901: Making the case for designation

Emma Lawrence, 2015

Built from the Ground: Conserving the Earthen Tradition to Enhance the Spirit of Place

Luke Weston, 2014

Athens: Deserted heritage buildings (built from the 1830's until the 1930's)

Christiana-Vasia Anastasiadou, 2014

Building a Georgian Seaside Resort The drivers and opportunities for the development of Dawlish in the late Georgian period and how this was realised using the traditional building material of cob.

Anna Hammond, 2014

Conservation of lighting for historic buildings

Saranya Dharshini Karunanithi, 2014

Review on Traditional Cantilever Stairs with special emphasis on its structural theory

Sarath Syamaprasad, 2014

3D Printing. Restrictions, advantages and ideas for future implementation in the Conservation of Historic Buildings and Artifacts

Alexandros Michalitsianos, 2014

Going Forth: The future of the Forth Bridge & Immediate environs& UNESCO World Heritage Listing

Eimar Elizabeth Mcdonagh, 2014

Modernism in Wales: an argument that the listing of post-war heritage is incomplete

Jonathan Vining, 2014

Does nanolime offer an effective system for the consolidation of weathered stone surfaces? - The Nanolime Research Project: Field Case Studies

Joanna Hull, 2014

The Commodification of Heritage

Elizabeth Gerrard, 2014

Railway cycle paths and their contribution to the conservation of historic structures

Catriona Turnbull, 2014

The Value of Tourism to Cultural Heritage: The Case of Hong Kong

Hau Lam Chu, 2014

The Work of Brightwen Binyon, Architect. 1846-1905.

Michael James Gray, 2014

The Economic Effects of Historic Preservation in Colorado.

Richard Foremaster, 2014

Analyzing Heritage Resource Protection fromHurricanes in Coastal New York/New Jersey

Jacqueline Bascetta, 2014

Fragments of an original vision: Conservation strategies for Brunel's town and country stations.

Judith Mosley, 2013

Preserving the Moment: Why temporary exhibition pavilions become permanent, and the consequent effects on their environments

Miranda Mccabe, 2013

The Restorations of Sir Harold Brakspear: Restoration or Fabrication?

Jonathan Lee, 2013

Preserving Cultural Heritage: Preventing Fire Damage Within Historic Buildings

Abigail Cockram, 2013

Conservation of Traditional Farm Buildings: Challenges and Opportunities with reference to Wiltshire

Lydia Breeze-Chilcott, 2013

Measuring Megaliths and Recording Ruins:Metric Surveyimg Techniques in the Conservation of Monuments

James Byrne, 2013

Energy efficiency of heritage buildings as a strategy to achieve effective adaptive reuse and sustainability

Alexandra Kordella, 2013

A modern solution to timeless problems: Creative Re-use and the case of Ditherington Flax-Mill

Anna Sandretti, 2013

An Appraisal of Conservation Issues Concerning the Modern Concrete Vaulting in the Warming Room, Cleeve Abbey, Somerset

Andrew Wyngard, 2013

Back to the Future: the innovative use of aerogel-based insulating render as part of a fabric-first approach to building and energy conservation in listed dwellings of solid wall construction.

Joseph Player, 2013

From Preservation vs. Progress to Preservation as Progress: Using Conservation To Win The Battle Against America's Tear-Down Phenomenon.

Micah Nicole Fowler, 2013

Sumela Monastery: a proposal for World Heritage Status

Hilal Tuncer, 2013


Qiushi Peng, 2013


Agathe Stylianou, 2013

A selection of some of the best dissertations from past MSc Architectural Conservation students can be found in the Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA), filed under the category ‘Edinburgh College of Art thesis and dissertation collection’.

The MSc dissertation is written over a period of three months under thesupervision of an assigned academic within the chosen field of study.


Amy Hickman, Waterfront Regeneration in the Historic Port of Leith: the Challenges of Maintaining Authenticity on an Urban Scale


Stuart West, Is Scotland Planning to preserve the world’s heritage? A case-study in the heart of neolithic Orkney
Michael MacDonagh, Finding New Uses for Irish Demesnes: Authenticity and Integrity Issues


Angeliki Vastaki, Neoclassical Residences in Athens: Why a burden for the owners?
Tarek Teba, Conservation of stone-roofs: Challenges and the Effect of New Techniques
Caroline Engel, The Murals of Belfast: Politics and Conservation


Yuk Hong Ian Tan, Bridges to Our Heritage: The Significance of Five Historic Bridges over Singapore River
Thomas Hunter, Shored Against Our Ruin: Experiential Themes in the Conservation of the Whaling Industry


Lucy O’Connor, A study of the thermal improvement methods employed on traditional building fabric: Specific to traditional Scottish stone walls and slate roofs
Gul Akturk, The Conservation of Ottoman Era Neighbourhoods in Istanbul: A Case Study of Arnavutköy, Besiktas
Anna Wojtun, Envisaging Nowy Targ Square: rehabilitation challenges of postwar housing within historic contexts
Mary Ellen Witford, Challenges in North Carolina Preservation Policy: Preventing Demolition of the State’s Built Heritage
Patricia Lipton, Playing the Devil’s Advocate: Historic Places Of Worship And Preservation Policies In England, Scotland, And The United States
Nikolia-Sotiria Kartalou, The Conservation Challenges of Regenerating An Urban Industrial Zone: Exploring The Design Options


Lilian Tuohy Main, Temporary Use: A Potential Strategy for Historic Buildings At Risk
Georgina Ritchie, Monumental Misjudgements? Early Conservative Interventions and their Impact on Orcadian Neolithic Sites
Martha Vail, Waste Management and Sites of Historic/Architectural Significance: A Conservation Perspective
Kristina Rimkute, Soviet Mass-Housing In Vilnius: Exploring The Consequences Of The 1955 Housing Reform And The Rebellion Against Architectural Homogenisation

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