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Essay Of Winter Season

Essay A Winter Snow

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A Winter Snow When I think back upon the memories of my childhood, I clearly recall a specific winter afternoon at my grandmother’s house. It is an especially cold day, I remember. I am dressed in two pairs of thick socks, two sweatshirts, a heavy winter coat, and my bright pink rain boots. I am nine years old, and to me, winter snow is pure magic. As I step out onto my grandmother’s back porch, I remember losing my breath, not only from the bitter cold, but also from the captivating scene. I am immediately taken aback by the view. The entire ground, as far as my eyes can see, is coated in a hefty blanket of solid white. The light seems to dance atop the snow, making it glitter wherever the sun shines. All the trees around are…show more content…

Extending my arms and legs as far as they can reach, I begin making a snow angel. I can feel the cold wet of the earth making its way through the gloves on my hands. I rise off the ground to look at my creation, and just next to my angel wings, I find tiny animal paw prints. Curious, I am instantly set to investigate. I follow the paw prints around the perimeter of the yard and stumble on the perpetrator. I find my grandmother’s dog, Chip, a few yards away, leaping into the air in a desperate attempt to catch snowflakes in his mouth. The paw prints undeniably belong to him. In fascination with the rare weather, I close my eyes in order to focus on the sound of the day. I listen intently. The sound is so overwhelmingly peaceful. Silence, yet there is much to hear. I hear to the sparse leaves gently rattling in the breeze. In the distance, I hear a bird singing its joyful melody. I hear the snapping together of Chip’s jaws after yet another failed attempt to taste the falling snowflakes. Laughing, I hear the pattering of his feet against the snow as he ran cheerfully. Abruptly, the sound of the back door opening snaps me out of my trance. My grandmother appears in the doorway to announce that dinner is ready. She has prepared soup. It is in this moment that I feel my stomach rumble. I had been so caught up in exploring the snow that I did not even notice my hunger. With the door ajar, I can smell the hot soup on the stove. My

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Winter season

Winter season is one of the greatest and coldest seasons of India. In this season everywhere the cold climate has spreads, which is the superb weather. During the winter months, the hilly regions covered with snow and sometimes the temperature drops to very low-level.

In winter I go skiing on Saturdays and Sundays when the slopes are quieter due to changeover day for tourists, and in summer I hike up into the mountains at sunset, just as the village is settling down to dinner.

Sometimes the snow falls with high level, and then it became difficult for the people to go out from their home. But at some places, the winter climate is very moderate and pleasant.

In the winter season, the cold wind blows all the time. The sky often may remain clear during this season. Sometimes it rains during this season. It rains dew drops in a night. There is some fog will show in the morning on green leaves, and it looks very fresh.

When it comes

The winter season comes after the rainy season, and it stays in the country for three months.

What Joys in winter season?

In the winter months, the atmosphere is cold. Nights are long; days are very short. The cold is the chief agent of this season. From save the cold, people wear the woolen clothes to keep themselves warm. In the morning of cold, the hot tea and coffee give a pleasurable experience.

People can also joy by outing picnic if the weather of cold will be moderate and pleasurable.

Importance of the winter season

There is some significance of the winter months which is following as a given below:

  • It is very useful for health when we walk in the morning of a winter season.
  • When we walk, we will find the fresh air for breath in.
  • During the summer season, we cannot do work for the extended time, but in the winter months, we can do the job for a long time and also not get tired.
  • In this season, there is no problem with mosquitos.
  • During the summer’s season, we can become an ill by so much hotness, but in the winter months, we cannot fall ill so much.
  • The winter season is vital for farmers because, during this season, their farming becomes superb. On the green leaves, the winter snow looks like a pearl in the morning.

Demerits of winter season

There are some faults of the winter months, which bring some difficulties and problems for the people.

The biggest issue of this season causes on the poor people. It creates many problems for them because they don’t have the proper shelter for living. They suffer huge problem on this days. They do work very hard during the day time.

They often sit by the fire at bight. They don’t have any warm clothes save them from cold. Even sometimes they do work in the night. Many of the animals and birds are goes dies in this season.

Even in the traveling also becomes hard in this season. People trouble much due to traveling time. For saving from winter, we have to carry a more luggage for the traveling.

From old times, it is happening in our country that most of the birds, animals and human being are dying because the lack of some warm clothes and shelter in this season.

Save of lives by some rich people

For save the many of lives in this period, wealthy people have to donate some warm clothes and things to that person, who have not any source save from the cold. So, rich people should spare some money for the welfare of individuals, who suffered by the many hardships of cold winter winds.

They have to distribute some clothes and some blankets to the poor people. They should make charitable places, where people can spend a night in a comfortable temperature.


The winter season is the icy and useful season. We will not disturb in this season for doing work, in fact, a sun also becomes suitable for the work. We like to sit in the sun. In this season, everything looks very fresh and moderate.


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