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Agathosune Word Study Homework

Homework Schedule:

Part of your child’s homework each week will be to review their Word Study words.  Word Study is Loudoun County’s spelling program.  The words are not meant to be memorized in the traditional sense of a “spelling test.”  Instead, the focus is on the spelling features of a particular set of words.  Each week the words will change based on developmental spelling features.  Each set of words will have 2-5 “headers” that define the spelling pattern of the week.  Your child will have been introduced to their word study headers and words in class on Monday.  Additionally, they will complete word study activities each day in class.

For homework activities, please help your child pick 2 of the following activities to complete each week.  Students should avoid repeating the same two activities each week.  Some of the activities are more challenging than others.  They are designed to give students different options for practice.  The activities can be completed on the paper provided in the homework packet for Word Study activities.

Word Study Activities:

1.     Write all of your words two times each.

2.    Look for at least 8 of your words in newspapers or magazines & cut and glue them on the paper.

3.    Pick 5 words and write a sentence for each.

4.    Type your words on the computer.

5.    Make a word search.

6.    Put your words in ABC order.

7.    Pick at least 8 words to draw a picture of & label them with the word.

8.    Write your words one time.  Then write a rhyming word next to it that has the same family. (Example:  hat/bat, set/wet, pot/hot, etc.)

9.    Rainbow write your words, using your favorite colors.

10.  Take a spelling pre-test.

Notes for Parents:

vAsk questions such as:

§  “What do you notice about these words?”

§  “What do these words have in common?”

§  Have your child read the column and ask, “Do the words have the same sound?”

vIf your child has trouble coming up with sentences, try dictating short sentences.  Within a few weeks, the child should be able to work independently.

vAs a general rule, students are held accountable for all of the patterns they have studied in class.  It is okay if other words in the sentence are spelled incorrectly.

vA great way to practice for Friday’s quiz is to read the words one-by-one to your child.  Your child can write the word in the correct column with the correct spelling on a piece of paper.

vKeep your words safe in a plastic baggie so you can practice your sort during the week.

vQuestions?  Feel free to ask!

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