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More Than A Paycheck Case Study

...process of information exchange between two and more than two individuals or organizations (Bowditch and Buono, 1997, cited by Anotony and Macvicar, 2011: 106). In general, communication process could be divided into two forms, verbal and non-verbal (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010). Verbal communication includes oral and written, non-verbal communication includes body language and eye contact (ibid.). Because of the development of technologies, especially the progress of internet, communication approaches becomes more diverse and effective (Shrivastava, 2012). In organizations, effective communication strategies could improve their both internal and external managing process (ibid). Thus, most of organizations are keep developing their communication strategies for improving their competitiveness in the market. However, communication process always launch with several noise, which considered as communication barriers, and these problem could occur in every phase of transmission stages (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010). There are various kinds of barriers defined by scholars, for instance, Shrivastava (2012) labeled barriers into physical, emotional, perceptual, culture, gender and others. These barriers contribute to the lack of efficiency and uncertainty in the process of communication (ibid.). Due to communication is the fundamental issue in the stage of the management in an organization, most of...

HR Management Case study: Employee Retention Rates

Empowering Employees to Relieve Financial Stress, Improve Patient Care


Financial Worries Weigh Down Hospital Staff

HR management at Baton Rouge General witnesses daily the harmful effects of financial stress on the hospital’s 3,000 employees, many of whom are among 38 million American households living from paycheck to paycheck.

These workers are financially vulnerable to relatively minor setbacks such as automobile repairs and household appliance failures, which can translate into a stressful distraction at work.

Employee financial stress also negatively impacts the hospital because it typically results in lost productivity, absenteeism, accidents, and turnover….By providing immediate access to earned wages, without waiting for payday, the PayActiv financial wellness service empowers workers to take charge of their financial situation.


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