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Only The Weather Knows Where The Shoe Pinches Essay Contest

Twenty years ago this month, the Runnymede Trust, a race equality think-tank based in London, published the report Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All.

Runnymede did not invent the word “Islamophobia”, but it did help to introduce it into widespread use throughout the world.  

The word was not, and is not, entirely satisfactory. But it is now generally accepted as useful shorthand for referring to a mix of discourse, behaviour and structures which express and perpetuate mistrust, hostility and rejection among non-Muslims towards people of Muslim heritage and tradition, as well as towards Islamic societies and cultures.

A protest by the UK branch of the German group Pegida in Newcastle in February 2015 (AFP)

Islamophobia is a feature not only of international relationships, particularly between Western countries and countries in the Middle East, but also of the domestic climate in Western nations where people of Muslim heritage live as minorities.

Some of the beliefs and behaviour to which the word Islamophobia refers have existed for many centuries. Others are relatively new, and have developed only since sizeable Muslim communities were established in Western societies from the 1970s onwards.

In all its forms, Islamophobia has a range of different causes and drivers. It is dangerous and damaging in a range of diverse ways.

The young Somali poet Warsan Shire wrote in 2015:

i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered

The world hurts everywhere. There are many kinds of hurt, as there are also many kinds of places where hurt happens.

There are similarities among the different kinds of hurt inflicted by Islamophobia. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to distinguish between them.

The Runnymede report 20 years ago distinguished between four main kinds of hurt in Western countries:

Attitudes and assumptions which view all Muslims as the same, regardless of nationality, social class, gender and political ideology. These intrinsically regard Muslims as a threat and different from non-Muslims, with no shared values, needs or interests

Violence, which includes not only hate crimes against persons and property, but also micro-aggressions and the unkindness of strangers in public places

Direct and indirect discrimination in employment and the provision of services, including the criminal justice system and so-called counter-terrorism measures

Exclusion and absence from political decision-making and from mainstream cultural life – or “missing Muslims”, to cite the title of a recent UK report

There are connections between these four kinds of hurt, the 1997 report stressed. Each can be both a cause and a consequence of each of the others.

It is often said that only those who are on the receiving end of exclusion and pain know where the shoe pinches. But they do not necessarily know, it has also been said, who or what fitted them up.

Iraq 2003: There is a desire in Western countries to maintain and defend fossil fuel supplies in the Middle East (AFP)

Similarly, those who do the hating and attacking, be it in playgrounds or on streets, do not necessarily know what drives them.

Who benefits from Islamophobia, or thinks they do, both in the short term and the long term? What are the drivers, the exacerbating factors, the functions, the purposes? What leads to, and leads from, what?

It has become increasingly clear during the last 20 years that Islamophobia is caused and exacerbated by several separate trends coming together and reinforcing each other. They include the following:

Patterns of inequality: There is a desire to justify patterns of inequality in modern Western societies, which work to the disadvantage of, among others, Muslim communities

Fossil fuel supplies: There is a desire in Western countries to maintain and defend fossil fuel supplies in the Middle East; to justify the military invasions of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan; and to motivate Western troops and security services to mistreat, torture and kill

Israel/Palestine: Western countries, particularly the United States, wish to stand by and support the state of Israel, particularly its current leadership, in its dealings with Palestine

Globalised insecurity: Governments cannot control, to the extent that they did in the past, economic, financial, cultural and ecological borders. The resulting insecurities lead to scapegoating and moral panics. Muslims and other minorities become convenient enemies and targets, even though they are not the principal causes

Commercial pressures on the media: Proprietors and editors wish to sell newspapers, and therefore to excite and orchestrate frissons of fear, spreading and responding to moral panic. They want to reassure readers that threats to identity, status and normality are understood and can be dealt with

Electoral politics: Political parties and individual politicians wish to gain votes in local and national elections, and to diminish the attractiveness of political opponents. This frequently leads them to use xenophobia, for example, by playing the Muslim card. Sometimes it is done forcefully, sometimes it is performed more subtly

Scepticism, secularism and permissiveness: There is widespread scepticism in Western countries towards religious beliefs, identities and institutions (all faiths, not just Islam) mixed perhaps with envy towards those who claim religious certainty. At the same time, there is a rejection of traditional customs of modesty and reticence in everyday life – and not just Islamic customs. This is sometimes mixed with an uneasy suspicion that Western permissiveness has its drawbacks

Religious illiteracy: Not just ignorance of elementary facts but also a gross failure to understand the nature and function of religious language – or “God talk”. Incidentally, such illiteracy is not unknown among observant and devout believers: it is not just the hallmark of sceptics

Legacy of history: For many centuries, Muslim and Western cultures have been engaged in military conflict with each other. Relationships and mutual perceptions have been deeply affected by conquest, resistance and rebellion. Frequently, conflicts have been viewed through a religious perspective in the belief that “God is on our side”, and that the enemy is demonic and satanic. But religion has seldom, if ever, been the sole or principal cause of conflict

Caught in a storm of such trends, human beings are torn between fight and flight. If only, as Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn famously mused in The Gulag Archipelago, everything were so simple.

“If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being... Even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. And even in the best of all hearts, there remains an unuprooted small corner of evil."

One seductive form of simplicity is that which distinguishes between what are best-termed People Like Us (PLU) and People Like Them (PLT). These simplicities include regarding People Like Them as...

...all the same, a monolithic, undifferentiated mass

...wholly different in every significant way from PLU, with no values or interests in common

 ...a threat – perhaps even a physical threat. Certainly a threat to PLU’s sense of status, history and identity - in other words a threat to their very existence

...irrational, violent and destructive, motivated only or primarily by hatred towards PLU, since there is no other conceivable reason for hostility or even criticism

...prone to making criticisms of PLU that are unjustified, and seldom, if ever, worth dealing with

The upshot of these various expectations, both separately and in combination with each other, is the assumption that constructive interaction and cooperation between People Like Us and People Like Them are essentially impossible.

Can Enlightenment values help?

Most dictionary definitions of religion refer to God or the gods, to the supernatural or the transcendent. They imply that individuals consciously choose whether or not to believe that such discourse refers to realities that exist.

But for many people, religion is not chosen but given, and is much more to do with heritage. There is a sense of belonging to a large community, of engaging in certain cultural practices, more than of holding certain beliefs about the supernatural or the transcendent.

The Declaration of Independence (1819) by John Trumbull: Influenced by Enlightenment values (public domain)

Religion can therefore be bound up with ethnic, tribal, “racial” or national identity, and with how a person is perceived and treated in these respects by others.

But when this happens there are, to put it mildly, dangers. When war breaks out, it has famously been said, truth is the first casualty, and post-truth the first gain. God, it has been said, is the first conscript, both for attack and for defence.

The legacy of the Enlightenment is seen in, among others, equalities legislation and international human rights in the modern age

If Islamophobia is to be eradicated, then attention needs to be given to what are sometimes known as Enlightenment values - the cluster of ideas and practices which gathered strength in the intellectual, cultural, moral and political climate in Europe and North America during the 18th century. Their legacy is seen in, among others, equalities legislation and international human rights in the modern age.

Enlightenment ideas included the use of reason and the advance of science; freethinking and toleration of dissent; the rights and responsibilities of individuals; independence and emancipation in the affairs of nations; deliberative and representative democracy; anti-clericalism, laïcité and the separation of church and state; humanism as a distinct worldview, explored and presented in the arts as well as in philosophy; social sciences, particularly anthropology, sociology and psychology; the rule of law as distinct from despotism and the arbitrary whim of officials; procedural secularism in public administration; cosmopolitanism and internationalism; and the famed trinity of equality, liberty and solidarity.

'Reclaiming a vision of heaven from the wreck of religion'

Frequently, Enlightenment values have been, and still are, in opposition to religion. Religion, in turn, has been, and still is, suspicious of, or downright hostile towards, those values associated with the Enlightenment.

But these two sets of values have also deeply influenced each other. At best they can, and do, critique and benefit from each other. There can be synergy and mutual reinforcement.

Enlightenment values and religion can act towards each other like critical friends. At best, they jointly challenge, oppose and propose alternatives to those values known loosely as neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism, the populist and nativist discourses which were was so evident in 2016 during the EU referendum in the UK and the US presidential election.

An official from the State Islamic University, Indonesia, tracks the moon on the eve of Ramadan in August 2010 (AFP)

It is possible to appreciate religious art, architecture, stories, poetry, music and theatre without necessarily sharing the beliefs which they express or assume.

Similarly, all or most religious and philosophical traditions contain concepts, wisdoms and teachings that can valuably challenge the strategies, policies and priorities of secular governments, both national and local: ideas such as mercy, reconciliation, joy, hope, bliss, caring for the planet. These too merit a presence and a hearing in the public arena.

As the novelist Philip Pullman writes in Daemon Voices: Essays on Storytelling, the challenge is “to reclaim a vision of heaven from the wreck of religion” and “to realise that our human nature demands meaning and joy".

Passionate love of the physical world, Pullman adds, will “both grow out of and add to the achievements of the human mind such as science and art”.

A good example of this is Dr Azin Qureshi, a character in Francesca Kay’s 2011 novel The Translation of the Bones.

Qureshi is of South Asian Muslim heritage but British born and educated. He sees himself as “decent, civilised, tolerant, intelligent”, and as having “no use for supernatural solace”.

But, Kay informs us, if Qureshi had to choose one piece of music to take with him to a desert island, then it would be Bach’s St Matthew Passion.

“This music spun of hope and tears moved him profoundly, as did the fragile ribs of stone that arched above his head in his college chapel, interlaced in pleading, reaching to the sky… What he saw in those soaring notes and those impossible perfect traceries of stone was human aspiration.”

Such hope and aspiration can be among the outcomes of thoughtful and respectful dialogue between religious values and Enlightenment values.

When will the hurt end?

We wish for an end to the hurts and harms of Islamophobia, and to the demonising of others. We wish for a new us.

But is this wish just a pipe dream, a naive, silly fancy? The world hurts everywhere, and humans are ineradicably unable to draw the line between good and bad in their own hearts, as distinct from between People Like Us and People Like Them?

The United States has elected Donald Trump to be its president. The “will of the British people", it is claimed, is to turn their back on Europe.

There’s currently a resurgence of far-right nationalism, xenophobia and nativism throughout the Western world, egged on by the vast majority of mass-circulation newspapers. What reasons do we have to believe it’s reasonable, not a mere fancy, to hope and strive for a better world?

Hope: Malala Yousafzai, an advocate for girls' education, speaks at the UN Youth Assembly in July 2013 (AFP)

Each person has their own mix of reasons to hope. Among their reasons there is likely to be the realisation that there are more of us than, on bad days, we are prone to think. We have many friends.

Only 52 percent of the people who voted in last year’s Brexit referendum voted for Leave. Not all of them were motivated solely, or even principally, by xenophobia. Only 26 percent of eligible voters in the US voted for Trump.

Ninety-nine percent of human beings, according to Wislawa Szymborska, the Nobel Prize in Literature winner, are worthy of empathy.

Here’s Solzhenitsyn again: “Even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. We have many friends, or potential friends.”

'Even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. We have many friends, or potential friends'

- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Further statistics give us a sense of proportion. As the historian Yuval Noah Harari points about, it's about 200,000 years since homo sapiens began to evolve in East Africa, but only 12,000 years ago that the agricultural revolution took place and that plants and animals began to be domesticated.

The scientific revolution took place only 400 years ago and the Industrial Revolution only 200 years ago. It was in the lifetime of people still alive that, thanks to globalisation, humans have no choice but to live in a single world society.

Admittedly, homo sapiens is not quite as sapient, as wise, as is desirable. We could be the first species to have the dubious honour of making ourselves extinct. But we are going to be around for a very long time yet. While there’s life, there’s hope.

Robin Richardson is a former director of the Runnymede Trust and was drafting editor of the Trust’s 1997 report on Islamophobia. This article is based on material from his lecture ‘Us and Them in This Age of Anxiety: Past, Present and Possible Futures’, delivered at Leeds University on 9 November. To mark the anniversary, a dedicated website has been created, linking to articles about Islamophobia from the past two years, as well as hosting educational materials and activities. The Trust itself will publish a report examining Islamophobia since 1997 later in November, edited by Farah Elahi and Omar Khan and including a foreword by Sayeeda Warsi.

The views expressed in this article belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.

Photo: Pupils from Eden Girls' School vigil at Potters Fields Park London on 5 June 2017 to commemorate victims of London Bridge and Borough Market (AFP)

Prison Break (2005–2017) is an American television series about a structural engineer who incarcerates himself into a prison in order to help his falsely accused brother escape his death sentence.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.1][edit]

Tattooist: Most guys, you know for the first time, they start with something small— mom, girlfriend’s initials, something like that. Not you. You got a full set of sleeves all in a couple of months. Takes guys a few years to get the ink you got.
Michael: I don’t have a few years. Wish to hell I did.

Veronica: I’ve known you my entire life, you don’t have a violent bone in your body. And I know you didn’t need the money.
Michael: Veronica.
Veronica: Why won’t you let me help you?
Michael: Veronica. You’ve been good to me — my whole life — you have. But you've got to let me deal with this. Okay?

Judge: Rarely in a case of armed robbery do we hear a plea of no contest. Are you sure about this, Mr. Scofield?
Michael: I’m sure, Your Honor.

Judge: Given your lack of prior criminal conduct, I am inclined to a probation. However, the fact that you discharged a deadly weapon during the commission of the crime suggests malice to me. For that reason, I find it incumbent that you see the inside of a prison cell, Mr. Scofield.

Judge: The closest level one facility would be Fox River State Penitentiary. As for the term of your sentence, I’m setting it at five years. You’ll be eligible for parole in half that time. Sentence to be carried out immediately.

Bellick: You a religious man, Scofield?
Michael: Never really thought about it.
Bellick: Good. Because the Ten Commandments don’t mean a box of piss in here.

Bellick: There isn’t any flying under my radar.
Michael: Good to know.

Sucre: [to Michael] Suggest you take seat, Fish. Nothing to do up here but serve time—and nobody gonna serve it for you.

Sucre: [to Michael] Welcome to Prisneyland, Fish.

Sucre: [to Michael] I’m telling you, the guards are the dirtiest gang in this whole place. The only difference between us and them is the badge.

Michael: [about D.B.Cooper] Doesn’t look like the type.
Sucre: Who does?

Sucre: I wouldn’t get excited if I were you, Fish. You aint sniffin’ none of P.I. (prison industry).
Michael: Why is that?
Sucre: Cause John Abruzzi runs it.
Michael: "John Abruzzi" John Abruzzi?
Sucre: "John Abruzzi" John Abruzzi.

Lincoln: [to Michael] All I keep thinking, looking back onto this, I was set up. I know whoever it was who set me up wants me in the ground as quickly as possible.

Sucre: What’s another word for love?
Michael: What’s the context?
Sucre: Oh, you know... yeah, "I love you so much, I aint never knockin’ over a liquor store again" context.

Sucre: I’m proposing to my girl, if you gotta know.
Michael: In a letter?
Sucre: You got a better way?
Michael: Face to face works pretty good.

Michael: [to Lincoln] I’m not here on vacation, trust me.

Michael: Maybe you ought to hear what I've got to say.
Abruzzi: You got nothing I need.
Michael: Wouldn’t be too sure of that. [places an origami swan on the table]
Abruzzi: My mistake—just what I need—a duck.

Michael: Wouldn’t think you’d find the daughter of "Frontier Justice" Frank working in a prison—as a doctor, no less.
Sara: I believe in being part of the solution, not the problem.
Michael: Hmm. Be the change you want to see in the world. What?
Sara: Nothing, that was just my senior quote.
Michael: That was you? This whole time I thought it was Gandhi.

Sara: I've got news for you, Michael. "Trust me" means absolutely zero inside these walls.

Sucre: [about the word Michael suggested to be used in a letter Sucre was writing to his girlfriend] 'Passion', what were you thinking?
Michael: Hey, you went for it.
Sucre: She probably thinks I went sissy up in here.

Sucre: No good, Fish. No one gets an audience with the Pope—not unless he’s real interested in what you got going on.

Pope: I can’t help wondering what someone with your credentials is doing in a place like this.
Michael: Took a wrong turn a few months back, I guess.
Pope: You make it sound like a traffic accident.

Michael: [about warden’s miniature of Taj Mahal] The Taj... it would be a shame for the eighth wonder of the modern world to collapse because the stress isn’t properly propagated.
Pope: Properly propagated?
Michael: Properly propagated.

Pope: Son, it’s better for me to owe you one in here than it is for you to owe me one, I can promise you that.
Michael: I'll take my chances.

Michael: [to Lincoln] I’m getting you out of here.
Lincoln: It’s impossible.
Michael: Not if you designed the place, it isn’t.

L.J.: I don’t have a father.
Lisa: It wasn’t an immaculate conception, honey, trust me.

Veronica: What if they'd sent you to Taylorville or Marion and not here?
Michael: I think I'd be doing the same thing I'm doing in here. Eating Jell-O, drinking Kool-Aid.

Veronica: [referring to Lincoln] I loved him as much as you did.
Michael: Past tense for you maybe, not me.

Kellerman: You have a habit of answering a question with a question.
Bishop McMorrow: And you have a way of asking questions that beg more questions.

Lisa: [referring to Lincoln's son, LJ] I figured he could use some fatherly advice before he’s...
Lincoln: Gone forever?
Lisa: I didn’t mean that.
Lincoln: I know you didn’t.

Lincoln: I'm not asking you to love me, I already screwed that chance up long ago. I'm asking you to love yourself. You still can put the break on this thing.
LJ: So, that's what fatherly advice is like? [LJ stands up]
Lincoln:[looking at LJ] Where are you going?
LJ:[to Lincoln] I got homework.
Lincoln: They're putting me to death, L.J. In a month's time I'll be dead. You get that?
LJ: You're already dead to me.

Abruzzi: [to Michael] Kudos, Fish. You’ve got spine.

Lincoln: You’ve seen the blueprints.
Michael: Better than that. [shows his tattoos] I’ve got 'em on me.

Allen [1.2][edit]

Bellick: You're in the old man's back pocket, are you? I got news for you fish, he may run this place during the day, but I run it during the night.

Inmate: You best speak with respect, Fish. Man kidnapped half a dozen boys and girls down in 'bama, raped and killed 'em all. Wasn't always in that order either.
Michael: Does T-Bag have a real name?
T-Bag: [walks up] That is my real name. [Michael gets up] No, no, no please, sit. So you’re the one I’ve been hearing all the rave reviews about. Scofield! One thing's for sure, you're just as pretty as advertised. Prettier even.

Michael: You ever think about Boston?
Westmoreland: Sure.
Michael: Think you'll ever see it again?
Westmoreland: I'm a sixty year old man with sixty years still left on my ticket. What do you think?
Michael: I'm thinking of going.
Westmoreland: Well there's going, and then there's going. Which one do you mean?
Michael: The one you think I mean.

Abruzzi: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer...!

Cell Test [1.3][edit]

[Two CO's are carrying Michael to the infirmary. They come out of an elevator and then ask for someone to help Michael]

CO: We need some help here! [They rush him in through the hall till they find Sara]
Sara: Take him up in the three. Katie I'm gonna need ten cc's of xylocaine. [The CO's bring Michael into the infirmary and help him to seat in the stretcher. He's almost crying and covers his eyes to hide it. Sara puts her gloves on and looks at the CO's]
Sara: Thanks guys, I'll take him from here. [They hesitate. Sara looks them again firmly] I said 'Thank you, I'll take him from here'. [One of the CO's threws Michael's boot to the floor]
CO: Let's go. [They leave. Michael's foot is cover with a sock and and is bleeding badly. Sara looks the CO's leaving and then she turns to Michael]
Sara: Ok, let's take a look at you. [Michael is finally crying. Sara is about to remove the bleeding sock but Michael stops her]
Sara: [Sweet, softly, while she's uncovering the wound] You're Ok, you're ok. [Michael sees that two of his toes have been cut off a big tear escapes from his eyes, then he lays back in the stretcher covering his eyes with his hands]
Sara: What happened? [Michael takes a deep breath jah[Sara looks at him, surprised by the answer. Michael takes another deep breath trying to bear the pain as he slowly lies back on the stretcher] Please.

[Sara comes out the infirmary room to talk with Bellick, he start walking off, she follows him. He stops and takes off his cap to speak to her]

Sara: I think you'd better have I.A. start an investigation. [Offering him a report. He doesn't take it]
Bellick: Oh, there's no need. We know what happened.
Sara: [Ironic] Uh, perhaps you'd be good enough to enlighten me?
Bellick: There was a pair of gardening shears left on the floor of the shed. Evidently, he stepped on them.
Sara: Blade went right through his boot huh?
Bellick: Yeah.
Sara: So, uh, why wasn't the boot still on his foot?
[Bellick smiles at her frigidly]
Bellick: Like a said, doc. We've got it taken care. [Puts his cap on again and talks to the CO's] Let's go.

[Inside the infirmary room. Michael is sitting on the stretcher, and Sara is on her seat, just in front of him]
Sara: [Putting a sticking plaster on the fresh bandage] No redness or swelling, so it's no sign of infection. I’ll keep you on antibiotics for the next ten days. [Michael is looking at his foot, serious] You should be good. [She looks up to Michael and gets up walking to a desk next to the door] Michael, you understand by law I'm obligated to file a report if I feel there's been prisoner misconduct? [Sara looks at him. Michael's still serious. Putting his sock on, slowly] There's no way this injury happened by stepping on a blade in a garden shed.
Michael: If you fill a report things could get a lot worse for me.
Sara: They're not already?
Michael: Not compared to what they could be. [Sara looks down. He smiles] I've made some enemies.

[Sara breaths and look at him again, worried]

Sara: Yeah... Scared?
[He looks at her]
Sara: Men. OK. Here’s what I think. I think you are scared and you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t scared in a place like this.
Michael: When I was young, I couldn’t sleep at night because I thought there was a monster in the closet. But my brother told me there wasn’t anything in the closet but fear. And fear wasn’t real. He said it wasn’t made of anything just…air. Not even that. He said you just have to face it. You just have to open that closet and the monster would disappear.
Sara: Brother sounds like a smart man.
Michael: He is. In here though, you face your fear, you open that door and there’s a hundred more doors behind it. And the monsters that are hiding behind them are all real.
Sara: If you want, I could recommend you be sent to Ad-Seg.
Michael: [Gets up] With the rape victims and the snitches.
Sara: [Still trying to convince him to take care of himself] It would keep you safe.
Michael: Thanks, but I think I'd like to face the monsters on my own.
[He leaves. Sara looks away, worried]

Sucre: Are you crazy? You think I wanna break out of here? Sixteen months from now I’m out the gate. I’m getting married, Papi, and I sure as hell ain’t doin it with a posse on my ass. Man I oughta beat you six days till Sunday. I lost my conjugals because of your little parcel.
Michael: I had to test you. See if you could keep a secret.
Sucre: You want a secret, well I got a secret for you, fish. You dig in my cell when I’m there and I’m gonna split your wig. [walks off]
Lincoln: That went well.

Michael: Lincoln, we have a problem.

Michael: Preparation will only take you so far. After that you got to take a few leaps of faith.

Cute Poison [1.4][edit]

Sara: Good afternoon Mr. Scofield. (She closes the door behind her)
Michael: Hello.
Sara: How you feeling today? (Takes a look at him)
Michael: We're good. (Rolling up his sleeve)
[She looks at him again and sees the band aid on his eyebrow. Leaves the tray at a table and sits down next to him.]
Sara: What happened?
Michael: Uh, caught an elbow playing basketball.
Sara: Uh-huh (Looks at him, doesn't believe it. Looks down to put her gloves) Mind if I take a look ?
Michael: By all means.
[She removes the band aid and takes a look. Her face turns more serious.]
Sara: (Takes a small breath) You know you're going to get killed in here, right? If you're not careful.
[Michael is looking at her with a little smile on his face. Then looks away and back to her again]
Michael: I'll make you a bet. When I get out of here... alive, I'll take you to dinner... [She's still serious and doesn't answer. Starts cleaning the wound] ...lunch? ...cup of coffe?
Sara: Michael. This, um... (looks at him) ...this charm act could be exactly what's getting you into trouble out in the yard.
[They look at each other. Michael doesn't keep the eye contact and that makes Sara looks away.]
Sara: Lean forward.
[He does it, little pensative, with a sweet gesture in his face, maybe in response to the sweetness of Sara changing the band aid of his eyebrow, worried for him. We hear the effervescence noise at the sewer again and see how both liquids are reacting over the pipes.]

Sucre: You see these hands? They're digging machines. You want to go to China? I'll get you to China. I'll dig like a psychotic rodent if I have to!

Haywire: He's got the pathway on his body. It leads somewhere. It leads to hell. It's the pathway to hell.

Michael: Let's just say someone's gonna get hurt.

Haywire: There is a maze in your tattoos. Where does the maze take me?
Michael: Get away from me.

[Michael is banging his head against the bars]
Haywire: What, are you nuts?
Michael: Officer... I need an officer.
C.O Patterson: What the hell is the problem down here. What. Son of a bitch open up on 40. [takes out his mace] Back off, Haywire.
Haywire: He's got the pathway in his body.
C.O Patterson: Haywire, I said back off. You want a hot shot?
Haywire: I'm telling you look at his [screams after C.o Patterson maces his face].

Haywire: (While Michael is pouring out toothpaste)I crapped myself once in junior high. We were playing badminton, and I had to walk past the other kids to get to the locker room. So I thought I would make fun of it- you know before the other kids had a chance to- so I said "Look I have a tail!"... I just told you a secret. Now it's your turn.
Michael: You want to know what the tattoos mean?
Haywire: Yeah.
Michael: Nothing.

Bellick: [while the inmates are yelling and Sucre is singing] NOT ONE MORE WORD. NEXT INMATE THAT OPENS HIS MOUTH GOES IN THE HOLE.

English, Fitz or Percy [1.5][edit]

Michael: The reason we’re all here today is we have a decision to make…English, Fitz or Percy. If we’re gonna pull this off…we need to take one of them out.
Abruzzi: And you want us to tell you which one?
Michael: I just want you to help me get to them. I’ll take it from there.

Sara: I’m supposed to give you a physical this evening. Let me apologize in advance for the heavy dose of irony we’re about to participate in.
Lincoln: It’s all right, just doing your job.
Sara: Yeah, well letting the State know that you’re healthy enough to execute is not why I went to medical school.

Michael: I thought you said your cousin was moving in on your girl.
Sucre: That’s my other cousin, but thanks for bringing that up, jackass.

Pope: The thing is, Mr. Scofield is not our problem any more. Seems there was an error in his paperwork. He's going to be transferred after all.
Michael: That's not possible.
Pope: Escort the prisoner back to his cell.
Michael: Warden, all I need is three weeks. Get off of me! Henry, please! I just need a little time, just give me the time.

Michael: We're not breaking out of a Jamba Juice, gentlemen.

Abruzzi: And how do you plan to do that, Fish?
Michael: With a little help from my friends.

Kellerman: Mr. Pope, in our line of work, we've discovered that just about everyone has done something that someone doesn't know about.

Riots, Drills and the Devil [1.6][edit]

T-Bag: So you see, "friends", either I'm through that hole with you, or I'm gonna sing like Johnny Cash!

Michael: I need you down there. It's a two man job. Let's hang a sheet.
Sucre: No way, man. You only hang a sheet when you and your cellie want to get friendly, you know?
Michael: You wanna protect your prison reputation, or do you wanna get out of here?

T-Bag: Not that hot?!
[He points to a black inmate]
T-Bag: When this guy woke up this morning, he was white!

Inmate: We got you a little get well gift.
T-Bag: Awww. Its just the right size. Thank you, boys. I'll catch up with you later.
[T-Bag walks into the cell]
T-Bag: Whats your name?
Seth: Seth.
T-Bag: You new, Seth?
[Seth nods his head]
T-Bag: Look at me, boy. You probably heard stories about me. They're not all true.
[T-Bag pulls out his left trouser pocket]
T-Bag: What do you say we go for a walk.

Michael: It’s just math.
Sucre: What if your math is wrong?
Michael: You’ll drill into one of a dozen gas lines behind the wall. There’ll be an explosion and we’ll be burned alive.
Sucre: But you’re good at math, right?

T-Bag: Why don't you send us all someplace cooler- like Africa.

T-Bag: What do you call a guy who couldn't pass the cop's exam and now makes less than a mailman? A CO.

Bellick You know Teddy, you've really disappointed me, and that's hard to do; because I don't expect much from the inbred son of a retard. That's right Teddy, I read your psych profile. Your father rapes his mongoloid sister, and nine months later little Teddy pops out.

Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 2 [1.7][edit]

Abruzzi: Give me that thing! Demolition runs in the family...

Abruzzi: You're drilling holes with an eggbeater?
Sucre: I know. Crazy, huh? It's the Fish's idea. It's called the "Hooker Law." It says that if you poke the exact right holes in something big and strong, it gets very weak. that's the plan.
Abruzzi: yeah, it's always the plan!

[After T-Bag kills the rookie guard]
T-Bag: One for the team.

[Michael has a red dot on his chest]
Sara: Michael!
Michael: What?
Sara: They see us.

Michael: [to Sara] Come on, I won't hurt you.

Michael: [to Sara] You needed help and I..I came to find you...

Michael: Ever been to Baja? Mexico?

[Sara looks at him like she doesn't know what he is talking about]

Michael: There is this great place down there. Twenty bucks a night, hammock on the back deck. Beers are 50 cents. 25 cents at happy hour.

[Sara smiles and shakes her head]

Michael: Ever been to Thailand? Thailand's great.
Sara: Michael, if you're trying to calm me down, you're doing a terrible job.
Michael: But I am trying. [both laugh]

Sara: Wait, I can't leave you here.
Michael: You have no choice. I'm one of the bad guys, remember?

The Old Head [1.8][edit]

Michael: Think of this place like it is a map of the U.S. Our cell over there, that's New York City. The infirmary, our exit, is California. The pipes beneath our feet that connect the two...
Sucre: Route 66.
Michael: Route 66. Our ticket out of here.

T-Bag: I'm feelin' kinda left out. New York, California, St. Louis. What are we discussing?
Michael: Talkin' baseball actually.
T-Bag: Huh. Now that's a subject I just happen to know quite a bit about.
Abruzzi: What a shame. The conversation's over.

T-Bag: Ugh,ugh yeah, Hold up here a minute, oh, hold up here huh... Seems to be a little confusion... I'm suppose to be on this brigade...
Abruzzi: [to the C.O] I don't think so.
T-Bag: Huh, John, you can't be serious, not after all the long and illustrious histories we shared together. All those nights in New York City, in California, in St. Louis. They were good times, weren't they John?.. Tell the badge here about it... but if you don't want to... I certainly could.

Bellick: [to Westmoreland] If you don't tell me who killed Bob before I leave this cell, our friendship goes with it. [Bellick rises] That's a nice cat.

Sue Parsons: I have a source that tells me, if you accept what happened and stop fighting your execution, your son will be left out of this. If not, I hope you said goodbye to him when he left here this morning.
Lincoln: Who are you?
Sue Parsons: One Burrows is going to die. Up to you which one.

Westmoreland: Maybe I did hurt my knee. I did steal that car, and I did accidentally hit that poor lady. But how could I have hijacked a plane in Portland on November 24 when I was in Folsom finishing up a 30-day drunk and disorderly?

Guard: What the hell are you doing' here?
Michael: Clean-up detail - we thought this was storage.
Guard: This look like storage to you, you idiot? It's a restricted area. It's the CO break room. Now back it up!

Nick: If I didn't know any better, I'd say Lucas is sweet on you.

T-Bag: I'm comin' along on this endeavor whether you like it or not. I've got a hell of a singin' voice otherwise.

Katie: Can I ask you something?
Sara: Yeah.
Katie: Why do you care so much?
Sara: Because he lied to me.
Katie: They all lie to you.
Sara: Maybe because he is the one guy in here I can actually get to. One guy I can...make a difference with.

Tweener [1.9][edit]

T-Bag: [about Tweener] Boy's a bit confused about his pigmentation, but he sure does have spunk.

T-Bag: [to Tweener] Blacks don't want you... Whites don't want you. You're a regular tweener.

T-Bag: Freshman!

Michael: [to T-Bag] If you want to sing, then sing.

Veronica: [in text message to LJ] Dump the phone, they're tracking you. We're in New Glarus.

Michael: The man you're talking about died the moment I stepped inside these walls.

Mrs. Steadman: If we talked about who had motive to kill Terrence, we'd be here all day.
Veronica: I'm sorry?
Mrs. Steadman: Look around. Half the people in this place were shareholders in his company.

Kellerman: [cocks pistol] Did you hear that? Did you hear it? Know what that means? Why don't you ask your mom what that means? Oh, sorry, you might have trouble getting an answer out of her right about now.

Lincoln: Are you alright?
L.J.: No. Nowhere near it.

Sucre: You think he found the hole?

Bellick: I checked my balance online, it is looking seriously deficient.
Abruzzi: It's gotta be some kind of mistake, like an accounting error or something.
Bellick: Yeah. Tell Falzone I don't stand for "accounting errors."

Nick: You know, I think you seem to be forgetting something here. I'm in the crosshairs same way you are, all for your ex-boyfriend who, unlike my father, is a scumbag criminal who just happens to be in prison for the one crime he didn't commit.

Sleight of Hand [1.10][edit]

C-Note: [to Michael] Concrete is my specialty. Can you dig it?

Kellerman: [to the Vice-President, about Quinn] You woke a sleeping beast when you called these guys in. They have a bigger agenda than any of us and they get real nasty, real quick if things don't go their way.

Hale: I swear to God, it just gets deeper and deeper.
Kellerman: What's that supposed to mean?!
Hale: I'm saying that if I knew that this was how things were gonna turn out, I would have taken that crap job with the feds. Sitting by a desk all day drinking coffe and sharpening pencils. God, that sounds good.
Kellerman: Keep talking like that, I'll be forced to put a bullet in your head.

Michael: You threw away your flowers.
Sara: Like I said, they don't last.
Michael: I don't think they're dead yet.
Sara: I don't like getting attached to things if I know they won't last.
Michael: Why are you so cynical?
Sara: Michael, I think there's cynicism and then there's realism -
Michael: - and there's optimism? Hope? Faith?
Sara: This coming from an eight-toed guy locked away in a penitentiary!
Michael: (smiles) Toes are over-rated.
Sara: Thank you for trying to make me smile. Not today
Michael: You never know

And Then There Were 7 [1.11][edit]

Michael: Still interested in getting in on P.I.?
Tweener: Does my momma got big breasteses?
Michael: I wouldn't know.
Tweener: Hell yeah she does and hell yeah I do.

Michael: [Referring to PI pay] It pays 19 cents an hour.
Tweener: 19 cents an hour?! That's slavery, yo!
Michael: It's prison, yo.

C-Note: [to T-Bag] Are you telling me that there's a hole in Fox River that you don't want to get into?

Abruzzi: OK, let's rotate! [to T-Bag] Sergeant Sodomy, you're up next!

C-Note: You know, I got a question. :[About Abruzzi] How come Fencili over here ain't grabbin' a shovel?
Abruzzi: I'm handeling arrangements on the outside.
C-Note: Really? So what is that? Transport, papers? What?
Abruzzi: Exactly. Makes me manager.
C-Note: And that makes us just labour, right?
Abruzzi: Hm hm. No you're getting it.

Michael: We've got too many people. One of them has to go.

Sara: I'm not a jealous woman. But I'm a careful one. And for some reason, when I'm around you, I'm not...careful.
Michael: You don't have to be.
Sara: Yes, I do. There are so many questions surrounding you, Michael. There are way too many.

Sara: So you're married.
Michael: Uh, well, not in the traditional sense of the word.

Tweener: Why you need this watch so bad anyway?
Michael: Let's just say it means a lot to someone in my family.

Bellick: Says here they got married the day before Scofield robbed that bank.
Geary: Why the hell would he do that?

C-Note: You know, your parents must be so proud of you, man. I mean, hitting the trailer-park trifecta: racist, pedophile, and stupid.
T-Bag: You know, it, it vexes me that I'm made out to me the bad guy in the room. It's not like y'all were incarserated for stealin' girl scout cookies.
Abruzzi: Well, none of us murdered any girl scouts in the process.

Guard: Scofield, move it. It's time for your conjugal - your wife is here.

Sucre::[to Michael] I tell you everything about me and Maricruz and you can't even tell me you're married?!

Lincoln: Shut up and dig, T-bag

Nick: We just learned that Vice President Reynolds funneled millions of dollars in research grants into her brother's company. That money was filtered into millions of small accounts that made millions of small donations to her campaign, setting her up to be the next leader of the free world. This doesn't end with us stopping an execution any more.
Veronica: For me it does.

Michael: You kept it.
Sara: Kept what?
Michael: The flower.
Sara: Well, I'm a pack rat, I never throw anything out.
Michael: Yeah. The clutter in here is, uh... overwhelming.
Sara: You should see my apartment.
Michael: Whoa! We haven't even been on our first date and you're already inviting me in. I thought you were a nice girl.
Sara: Michael, everyone knows that nice girls finish last.
Michael: So where do you finish?
Sara: That depends on where I start. Deep breath.

Odd Man Out [1.12][edit]

T-Bag: [to Westmoreland] You know what I can't understand is why somebody like you wants to get out of here anyways. How you gonna survive, huh? The world is all different now, scary. They got computer phones, boobies made out of silicone, you won't know what to do!

Bellick: Maybe "whore" is too strong. What do you call a girl who married a felon to get into the United States? What'd she have to come here for anyway? No strip clubs in Whatzit-stan?

T-Bag: What's that smell? It smells a little like... conspiracy.

T-Bag: After all I've done, maybe I do deserve to die. Maybe I do, but you are no better than me.
Abruzzi: But I can be, if I want! God has given me the chance to choose. Maybe I should give you a chance as well.

T-Bag: Hey John, you know actually, about Jesus, [slits Abbruzi's throat] say hi to him for me, will ya?

End of the Tunnel [1.13][edit]

Michael: We're not getting out of here.
T-Bag: Unfortunately, pretty, that ain't an option.

T-Bag: Remember Pretty, I am serving life plus one. So if I get busted for attempted escape, I'ma throw in a homicide, no problem, that's like a parking ticket to me!

Sucre: [on the phone with the hospital] The name is John Abruzzi, A-B-R-U-Z-Z...I don't care what protocol is, I just wanna know if he's okay. Hello? Hello? [dial tone]

C-Note: Now, you know what? There are two things that everybody needs to get with here. [to T-Bag] First, hillbilly, you have got to learn some respect. The man here made everything possible. [to Michael] And you, Fish, you have got to get with that we are doing this thing this afternoon, as soon as we get on PI.
Michael: [laughing] So you're just gonna make a run for it, in the middle of the day?
C-Note: Well, you gotta do what you gotta do, huh, baby?
Michael: You are gonna screw this whole thing up...
C-Note: It's not for you to decide anymore. Now, this train is leaving the station, and I suggest you get on it.
T-Bag: Get on the train, Fish, get on the train...
Michael: Well you know what, you sons of bitches? I won't let you do it.
T-Bag: What you gonna do, blow the whistle on your own escape?

The Rat [1.14][edit]

Lincoln: I came in here a man. Give me the strength to walk out of here a man.

Lincoln: I've never given a damn about what people thought of me. Never. Last couple of days - got to admit, you know... Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth... Lincoln Burrows. I'm going to go down in history with these freaks. [pauses] Bitch of it all is - I didn't do it.

Governor Tancredi: [to Sara] It's not like you're asking me for a new bike here, kid.

[Michael hums tunelessly while looking at a hand of cards]
Lincoln: You letting me win, Michael?
Michael: No...
Lincoln: Mm hmm, show me your cards.
Michael: I'm not going to show you my cards.
Lincoln: Show me your cards.
Michael: I'm not going to show you my cards!
Lincoln: Give me your cards!
[grabs the cards out of Michael's hand and slaps them on the table]
Michael: [sheepishly] Gin.
Lincoln: Funny that...

Michael: Is there any news on the appeal?
Lincoln: Don't know.
Michael: 'Cause there could still be a ch....
Lincoln: Stop... Michael, please - this is going to happen. I gotta get my head straight. Let's just share memories, swap stories, talk about the damn weather - anything but torturing myself with the idea of hope. I can't take it anymore.

Michael: So if something happenes to the chair, he's got three more weeks?
Westmoreland: There's a lot of protocol in killin' a man, new death warrant, another medical clearance.
Michael: A lot can happen in three weeks.
Tweener: Yo, what scripes yo.
Michael: Thanks,
Tweener: What y'all talkin' bout?
Westmoreland: Nothing.

T-Bag: Remember, pretty, I am servin' life plus one. So if I get busted for attempted escape, I'm goin' to throw in a homicide no problem, that's like a parkin' ticket to me.

T-Bag: [to Michael] You owe me a ticket out of here, pretty. And I will collect.

Guard: Is everything alright, Doc?
Sara: Yeah, everything's fine.
Guard: [referring to Lincoln] Why isn't he handcuffed to the table?
Sara: What's he gonna do? Steal a cotton ball?

Bellick: So you like doing that too?
Tweener: Dippin' the fry in the shake? Hells yeah.
Bellick: Mmm, good times, good times.

Bellick: How's it going in here?
Jerry: Ready for lift-off.

Bellick: [to Tweener] You better start selling your ass.

By the Skin and the Teeth [1.15][edit]

Bellick: My God, you cons are slower than a spelling bee full of stutterers!

C-Note: Wait a minute - why are you changing the plan, man? We're already through that room beneath the infirmary, that's all we gotta do is get through that pipe and we're home free!
Michael: There's a reason they replaced it with a twelve-inch pipe, Darwin - people can't get through it.

Sara: Painkillers?
Michael:How bad is it?
Sara: I'd take the pills.
Michael: Do I get to see it?
Sara: No, bandage stays on for now. Take the pills.
[Michael takes the pills, Sara is watching him]
Sara: Cellmate did this to you?
[Michael smiles, then shakes his head]
Michael: Sucre? No.
Sara: Then who did?
Michael: This is the part where I don't answer you.

[In Pope's office]
Bellick::[To Sucre] So you got so sick of Scofield's smart mouth, that you decided to deep-fry him. Is that it?
Sucre: I didn't do anything to him. I swear!
Bellick: Let's review. A locked cell. Two inmates. One gets branded like a South-Dakota steer. You think we should call Madlock in on this one?
Sucre::[looks from Bellick to the Pope and back] Who's Madlock?
Henry Pope: Fernando, you are only going to make things more difficult if you don't cooperate.
Sucre: I told you, I didn't burn him! I found him like that!
Bellick::[sarcastic] You found him like that.
Sucre: He was acting kind of weird when we lined up for final count. He was sweating you know. But he is not a big talker anyway so I didn't think much of it. Middle of the night I get up, you know, shake hands with the president, and there he is, face down on the floor.
Bellick: My. Ass.

T-Bag: You tellin' me to get to the infirmary we gotta go through the Whack Shack?!

C-Note: We'll be like ducks in a shooting range, you feel me?
Guard: Hurry it up con!
C-Note: Your plan sucks, snowflake.

Veronica [while saying goodbye to Lincoln] : I've loved you since the first time I saw you!

Lincoln: [while in the electric chair about to be electrocuted] It's him! Michael!
Veronica: What's he saying?
Lincoln: Michael, turn around! It's him!
Veronica: What do you think he's saying?
Lincoln: Michael, turn around!

Brother's Keeper [Season1.Episode16][edit]

Michael: Rough night? I got your message, what's the problem?
Lincoln: I lost my keys. [Michael drops them into Lincoln's hands] Where'd you find them?
Michael: About four feet that way.
Lincoln: I must have dropped them.

Michael: I have to get back to work. Speaking of which, I heard you got fired a few weeks ago, what was it this time?
Lincoln: Do you really wanna know, or are you just enjoying the view from your high horse?
Michael: You know what I want, to not have to be the older brother for my older brother.

Veronica: You want to know what the 90 grand was for?
Michael: I think I do.
Veronica: You!
Michael: What do you mean?
Veronica: The money you got when you were 18, from your mother's life insurance, the money that paid for your degree, that got you this job, that bought you your loft. Your mother never had life insurance, that money came from Lincoln.
Michael: How?
Veronica: He borrowed it, knew it'd be tough to pay back, but that didn't matter because he thought you deserved it. He also knew you'd never accept it if you knew it came from him. Michael, you are where you are because of your brother.
Michael: You're telling me... he is where he is because of me.

Michael: [as they are about to kiss, the phone rings] I'm sorry.
Veronica: What? [looks at phone and sees Lincoln's name] You gonna answer it?
Michael: He'll leave a message, he always does.

Michael: They didn’t even let her testify.
Lincoln: Who?
Michael: Leticia Berris, and that cop changed his story a dozen times.
Lincoln: What part of move on don't you get?
Michael: After Mom died, when it was just you and me, I remember having trouble sleeping, never knowing where you were, but when I'd wake up in the morning there'd be this paper bird, an origami crane sitting next to my bed and I never knew what it meant exactly, but I figured it was your way of letting me know you were checking in on me. Anyway... I looked it up, the crane, stands for familial obligation, watching out for your own. Maybe it's my turn to watch out for you.

Michael: Here's the part I don't understand, all the evidence is lining up in a path that leads directly to you. They say they have you on tape, pulling the trigger. If you didn't kill Terrence Steadman, how the hell did someone make it look like you did?

Michael: Linc, I owe you an apology.
Lincoln: For what?
Michael: The night you called, if we'd talked, maybe I could have stopped...
Lincoln: Hey, hey, hey, this isn’t your fault.
Michael: Then whose is it?
Lincoln: Listen up, you need to forget about this, move on, work hard, do what you do.
Michael: I can’t do that.
Lincoln: Oh yes you can, and you will.

T-Bag: You brought that old dirty bastard right on home, there was a candle in the window just waiting for me to walk up those front steps. You know I'm gonna get out of here someday, and when I do, don't think that I won't remember what your front steps looks like, Susan.
[Susan spits at T-Bag's viewing window]

Michael: Honestly Linc, I don't know how it's come to this. And you can't keep blaming mom for dying and dad for leaving cause I was there too. The difference is I got out. Mom had life insurance, I took my half, put myself through school. What'd you do with your half Link?
Lincoln: Everything is not always how it looks, Michael.
Michael: I hope for your sake that's true.

Michael: So... same time tomorrow?
Lincoln: They're.. um.. transferring me to a prison, where I'll wait until they execute me.
Michael: Can I still visit?
Lincoln: Yeah, not that far... a place called Fox River.
Michael: Fox River?
Lincoln: Yeah... why?
Michael: Nothing.

J-Cat [1.17][edit]

Avocado: [referring to Tweener] Look at it... she's just a baby.

Avocado: You prob'ly don't have a hair on your body, do ya?
Tweener: Just back yer punk ass up.

Tweener: Come on man I just need some time.
Bellick: You had your time, you're a waste of my fries.

Tweener: [after the whole crew dumps their dirty paint brushes in Tweener's bucket for him to clean] A'ight, sorry I busted up the party, yo.

Michael: I put my blood into this. [starts punching the wall frantically]

Michael: I need for you to draw the picture for me.
Haywire: Who are you?

T-Bag: Trust me, son. When I play cards, it ain't gamblin'.

Bluff [1.18][edit]

T-Bag: What are we, the A train? Everyone gets to ride with us?

T-Bag: Woo! Looks like the bank of Africa wasn't allowing any withdrawals.

Michael: Geary.
Pope: Geary.
Michael: He shakes cons down for money, anything he can get his hands on. He knew I went to college, so he must've... he must have thought I was rich or something.

Pope: I've never seen one of these requests granted before....not ever.
Lincoln: Good lawyers.
Pope: No lawyer is that good.

T-Bag: A full house...that's a concept a Mexican should be quite familiar with. Eh, Zazu?

Westmoreland: Outliving your wife, that's bad enough. Outliving your daughter, no man should have to do that.

Haywire: It's the pathway to hell.
Michael: No it's not, it's just the opposite.
Haywire: I remember.

Guard: What the hell are you staring at, anyway?
Lincoln: Everything...

The Key [1.19][edit]

Tweener: Believe me what I got is worth it, so you gonna step up or what?
Bellick: This is your last chance Tweener, blow smoke again and I'll be scraping you off the heel of my boot.
Tweener: Scofield and this whole PI crew, they're escaping.

[Michael kisses Sara]
Sara: What do you want from me, Michael?
Michael: Sara... I need you to do something for me.
Sara: What?
Michael: Wait for me... it won't always be like this. In this room, in this place.
Sara: Until then, I can't... we can't... damn it... I can't... and I gotta go.

Michael: How are you?
Sara: I'm fine, you?
Michael: Fine.
Sara: Can I have your hand please?
Nurse Katie: Here they are.
Sara: Here what are?
Nurse Katie: Your keys. They were right over there by your endbox. You got a maintenance guy waiting outside here said you wanted to change the locks. You want me to call him off?
Sara: [she glares at Michael] No, send him in.
Maintenance man: Is it okay if I...
Sara: Yeah, we're about done here. [Michael looks worried] Is there something wrong?
Michael: No. Unless you want to talk about what happened this morning.
Sara: I think I have a pretty good idea. We're done here.

Tweener: I'm dead no matter what.
Michael: There may be another way out of here.
Tweener: Yeah, in a body bag.
Michael: I need to know if I can trust you.
Tweener: I'm straight up as they come, you know.
Michael: No, I mean really trust you.

Lincoln: You know what you've done, the mother of my child is dead.
Dad: I know.
Lincoln: Do you? [smashing things] Then I'm guessing you know Michael's in Fox River and L.J.'s rotting in some prison.
Dad: I know all this.

Sucre: Have you figured out how you're gonna get the key to the infirmary yet?
Michael: Not quite.
Sucre: You working your game on her, or what?
Michael: I don't know.

Michael: I'm glad you're back.
Abruzzi: I'm surprised you're still here, I thought you'd be gone by now.
Michael: Well, we had a few setbacks.
Abruzzi: Still planning on it?

Tonight [1.20][edit]

Governor Tancredi: What was it your mother used to say? It's always nice to be invited to the dance even if you don't have the right shoes.
Sara: Yeah. She also used to say that your father is a lying bastard.

Governor Tancredi: [to Sara] I will not discuss morality with an addict and a thief.

Avocado: How many times I gotta say it? You only got one thing I need.

Sara: I was part of your plan. Was it all an act?
Michael: At first, yes. I needed to be here. But then I wanted to be here. With you.
Sara: Right.
Michael: And it's killing me to know that you'll never believe that. Whatever you may think of me, this is about Lincoln. Don't make him pay for my mistakes.

Michael Scofield: [holding a shank to the Warden] I'm breaking out, and you're going to make sure my brother goes with me.

Flight [1.22][edit]

T-Bag: [about being handcuffed to Michael] I guess it was just meant to be, eh fellas?
Abruzzi: [chops off T-Bag's hand] He's lucky I didn't take this to his head.
Sucre: You... you cut his... you cut his...
Lincoln: Sucre, shut up! C'mon, let's go.
Sucre: [gesturing to T-Bag] We can't just leave him here...
C-Note: You wanna stay here, be my guest.

Sucre: [looking at the police approaching them] What do we do now?
Michael: We run.

Season 2[edit]

Manhunt [2.01][edit]


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