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The average college student knows less than ¾ of zer 'friends' on Facebook.

WhatsHerFace-book.com is a quick, personalized game where you are challenged to name several of your Facebook friends in succession while racing the clock.

The game intends to help Facebook users reconsider their privacy exposure online. By now, we all know to restrict our profiles so that only friends can see our personal information. But after 3, 4, 5+ years of social networking, do you still even know all your friends?

After aggregating the results of ten thousand games from over four thousand players, we are left with some surprising statistics.

Update 2015: FB tried to shut us down! Special thanks to the EFF!

collaboration with @charliecroom as part of Yale Law & Tech
and, we are published!

tools: Rails, jQuery, Facebook OpenGraph, AWS

EFF Defense
Ars Technica

Если бы возникла проблема, он тут же позвонил бы. Мидж долго молчала. Джабба услышал в трубке вздох - но не мог сказать, вздох ли это облегчения. - Итак, ты уверен, что врет моя статистика. Джабба рассмеялся.

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