Baby Boomer Essay Topics

The clothing market for men over 55 is growing fast with the population. But who is designing their clothes?

Cannabis use among the baby boomer generation is on the rise, here's why.

In their relentless pursuit of research commercialization, and bigger robots, universities might miss the real opportunity of technology - to make our world a better place.

Inequality within generations is as pivotal as that between them.

Female baby boomers who missed out earlier in life are now jumping at the opportunity to further their education.

Research has yielded new insights into Parkinson's disease, and treatments are expanding. But a shortage of doctors trained in the disease leaves a gap in care.

Between 1982 and 2013, the share of home owners among 25-34 year olds shrunk, by more than 20%. On the other hand, the share of home owners among those aged 65+ years has risen slightly.

More Australians over 50 are drinking and taking drugs than ever before. Here's why that can be a problem.

The generational 'war' is a con, designed to hide a darker truth.

Managers have barely got to grips with the challenges posed by Millennials. What are they going to do with Generation Z?

It's become fashionable to suggest that generational designations are arbitrary or a 'myth.' But social scientists can pinpoint generational and cultural changes with a surprising degree of accuracy.

Breach of a psychological contract in the workplace can irreparably damage relationships and produce a number of undesirable outcomes.

Smashed avo storms, news stories about lazy millennials ... Has anything changed in the 20 years since Mark Davis wrote his influential book Gangland?

It is 20 years since author Mark Davis wrote his influential book Gangland exploring the domination of baby boomers in public life. Is it time for a fresh exploration of 'generationalism' today?

Business Briefing: how the attitudes of the next generation are changing the property market. The Conversation18.5 MB(download)

There's been a shift in attitudes to the property market over generations, from owning a home as a right, to owning a home as a commodity.

South Africa might want to consider raising its retirement age to 70 to cope with a challenge of an ageing population that's under-insured and relying on an already pressured public purse.

While it may be a surprise for some, seniors still enjoy sex. But assisted living facilities may work to keep the older lovers apart in an effort to protect them.

Baby boomers might not be boosting their health with a glass or two of alcohol a day after all.

It's easy to forget that in 1992, the Clintons railed spectacularly against the status quo. Fortunately, it's all on film.

By focusing on intergenerational inequalities that will eventually be reversed, we are framing the housing affordability question the wrong way.


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