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Mcdonalds Swot Analysis Essays


McDonald’s is the first in fast food chain which provide nutrition information printed on all packaging.McDonald’s primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts. In response to changing consumer tastes, the company has expanded its menu to include salads, fish, wraps, smoothies and fruit.

McDonalds is an international food outlet preferred by every age group around the world. It is a multinational food outlet, despite this it has to be analyzed to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats.

McDonald’s SWOT Analysis


McDonalds is the number 1 fast food chain in the world McDonalds succeed to its competitors like burger king because of its strategy “just in time”.mcdonlds achieved his goals both domestic and international markets. According to fortune magazine 2005 McDonalds as “best place to work for minorities”.

McDonalds offers its products according to geography mean to say it offers lamb burger in India and Middle East countries provide separate entrance for couples and single woman and offers chicken and ham burgers in European countries more then 80% of McDonald’s business is operated by independent mean to say in airports along with highways parks and in big cities.

McDonalds serves only famous brand to processed items such as Kraft chasse, dannan yogurt, Heinz ketchup. they have major visible locations worldwide mean nestle chocolate, Newman’s own salad dressings etc.

McDonald is the first in fast food chain which provide nutrition information printed on all packaging.


McDonalds failed to offer pizza because it is less able to compete with pizza fast food chains.

Quality issues are also noticed in some franchise.

They are spending more money on training as more employee turn over in McDonald.

Globally it is noticed that McDonald disrupts the local eating habit especially in younger generation.


McDonald offers healthy products with nutrition information printed on all packaging are a great opportunity.

McDonalds is the first FDA approved quick service restaurant (QSR) offers low fat and low calorie ham burgers, McDonalds is using the marketing strategy “just in time” serving a customer in 90 seconds.

They are offering formic restaurant setting. Still planning for more international expansion.

Offers optional allergen free food items such as peanut and gluten free.

Combine business with retailers (supermarkets)


They have been noticed by NGO worldwide that they are disrupting the local eating habit in young generation.

Many times they have been sewed because of their unhealthy foods.

Are noticed to create a global economy.

Downturn or recession in economy also affecting the McDonalds sales.

Competitors pressure in major location like high streets.

Burger king corporation, yun brand Inc, wends international Inc, jack in the box Inc, are the competitors for McDonalds



Essay about McDonalds Business Analysis

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Since Richard and Maurice McDonald founded in 1948, McDonald's has grown from a small restaurant in California into one of the most recognized brands in the world with a chain of outlets that spans the globe. For over 50 years, McDonald's defined the fast food industry while indelibly etching its golden arches logo on the face of both American and global culture through such icons as character Ronald McDonald and the Big Mac sandwich. Millions of people started their very first jobs at McDonalds while even more began to have their eating habits redefined by the chain. Concepts like the drive-thru window were introduced along with the Happy Meal for children in order to provide a fast, affordable, and enjoyable dining. Ray Kroc, saleman…show more content…

56). This strategy allowed Palm to stay in business and stay undetected as a threat to their competition, especially Microsoft, for quite some time. Yoffie (2001) stated that strength of Palm was their "tightly integrated software and hardware design" (p. 59). Because they were so integrated, they were allowed to stay simple and move faster which was a definite strength.
Weaknesses: Ironically, their strategy also seems to be their biggest weakness. As Yoffie (2001) said, "By investing over time in specific skills and strengths, you create opportunities that perceptive rivals can exploit. In other words, you risk becoming the target of another and possibly better judo strategist" (p. 62). Another weakness was the slowing pace of innovation and the lack of coordination between marketing and production at Palm. Marketing announced the anticipated release of the m500 and m505 which caused a decrease in demand of Palm's older products (Yoffie, 2001, p. 62).
Opportunities: Palm had plenty of opportunities; the biggest of course was to develop models to satisfy the growing demand for hand held computing capabilities. After time, Palm had further opportunities to extend the Palm brand (Yoffie, 2001). They did

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