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Edmark Reading Program Level 1 Homework Clip

Reading Level: K- Grade 1. Interest Level: K - Adult.

Widely regarded as the "one that works," the Edmark Reading Program has long helped students who need an alternative to phonics. The key to this success is the program’s use of a carefully sequenced, highly repetitive word recognition method combined with errorless learning. This approach eliminates incorrect responses and helps students view themselves as readers.

Reproducible activities reinforce the words taught in the program and help students generalize and demonstrate their reading skills. Bingo consists of 150 bingo boards and 150 bingo cards. The bingo cards can be copied and cut apart or copied onto business card sheets.

Objectives: students will do the following

  • Scan and read the words on the Bingo board
  • Identify which word (if any) the teacher has called aloud and cross it off
  • Identify when she or she has achieved a bingo and announce it

Comprehension Kit
286 reproducible Comprehension activities provide an extensive amount of word recognition practice and comprehension reinforcement. These activities include a variety of formats in which the students read and comprehend words and phrases. The students choose from answers consisting of illustrations, words, or phrases.

Multisensory activities are included and involve circling words, drawing lines between words or phrases and illustrations, cutting and placing illustrations, and underlining phrases. Students will enjoy completing the assignment on their own, with a buddy or with a family member.

Objectives:students will demonstrate comprehension of words or phrases by answering the comprehension questions as required by each activity and do the following:

  • Match a phrase to an illustration
  • Circle the word that matches the picture
  • Circle the correct answer (yes or no)
  • Circle the word that correctly complete the sentence (multiple choice)
  • Circle the correct multiple choice answer

233 reproducible homework activities are a fun way to reinforce classroom learning. Many students require extra practice with word recognition and reading after school to retain what they learned. The students also enjoy demonstrating their reading ability to parents and family.

Eight different types of homework activities differ from the activities practiced during class, provide word recognition practice, and promote generalization.

Objectives: students will demonstrate comprehension of words, phrases, and sentences by following instructions for eight different types of activities and do the following

  • Match a word found in two different fonts
  • Read words in isolation
  • Find the correct word on a page full of other words
  • Read sentences in their parent's or family member's handwriting
  • Match words and illustrations
  • Follow written directions
  • Color the correct color
  • Circle the word ending

75 reproducible spelling activities provide both reinforcement for recognition of new reading words and a beginning spelling experience. A spelling activity follows every two new words learned. The student can write or sign the answers.

Objectives: Students will do the following

  • Write each word two times
  • Write a spelling word to complete a phrase or sentence
  • Write a missing letter to complete a word
  • Identify correctly spelled words
  • Write a phrase or sentence using a spelling word

Take-Away Readers
50 reproducible Take-Away Readers are four-page stories with photographs that illustrate the stories and emphasize words students have learned in current and previous lessons. The readers engage students in fun, confidence-building activities that extend literacy experiences at school and home.

Objectives: Students will do the following

  • Read stories
  • Demonstrate comprehension by answering discussion questions and by engaging in conversation about the stories and photo illustrations
  • Read the stories to a variety of people, including family members and other students

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