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Personal Statement Paramedic Science Example

We hope our collection of UCAS Health Sciences personal statements provides inspiration for writing your own. Please do not plagiarise them in any way, or UCAS will penalise your application. Our Personal Statement Editing & Review Services are available if you feel you need a little extra help.

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Osteopathy Personal Statement

I am interested in Osteopathy because it's about applying a practical skill; my work experience and visits to open days confirm this impression. It’s a science degree involving close work with patients, and the way it works with the body’s natural healing abilities seems harmonious...

BTEC Health Studies Personal Statement

The time I have spent on the BTEC National Diploma in Health Studies has been informative, challenging and enjoyable. During this course I have particularly enjoyed the modules on Psychology, Equality, Diversity and Rights and Microbiology...

For as long as I can remember I have been a science based person. But it was not until an unfortunate fall resulted in my finally seeing how x-rays were taken in person that I actually thought about it in any type of career aspect...

Who will be there to help you, when your life is turned upside down and you don't know how to carry on, what to do, or whether you can pick yourself up and start again? Some of us, if we're lucky, have family and friends to hold our hands and guide us through the darkest, most difficult days of our lives...

My life has been overshadowed with caring for people and a healthy living. Ever since I was a child my mother always instilled in me the importance of health and caring for my younger sisters and brothers...

Biology Personal Statement

My appreciation for the way in which medicines have aided psychological and mental illnesses in our society today was one of the reasons why I chose to do Sciences at A-level. I have encountered many experiences in my life, which have truly tested my development as a teenager...

Nutrition Personal Statement

I have always found anything to do with science fascinating from a very young age. My father being a medical doctor and my mother a nurse, I have grown to appreciate how medical science can be applied to help sustain life in general...

Postgraduate Public Health Personal Statement

Like many medical students, I was unsure of which specialty I would venture into after medical school. I had very broad clinical interests. Majoring in public health was not one of my choices until I moved to Kilifi District hospital after an extensive one year internship period at the regional hospital (Coast Provincial General Hospital)...

Postgraduate Public Health Personal Statement

At an early age, I realized that I had more questions than answers about life and living things. A growing interest in understanding the origin, growth, structure, and function of living creatures led me to major in biology with no certain career plan in mind...

Pursuing a career in the physiotherapy industry has been my major aspiration since a young age. This degree maintains a combination of sport and science, which makes it suitable for me, as I have a huge passion for both learning areas...

Pharmacology Personal Statement

I am of Haitian descent and my country is one known for its harsh living conditions. There is a constant struggle for survival and poverty is an endemic burden. Despite numerous advances in technology, Haiti has remained the least-developed country in the Western Hemisphere...

Pharmacology and Human Sciences Personal Statement

From the race to find a vaccine for the H1N1 virus to the almost daily reports of breakthroughs in the field of cancer research, science has always fascinated me.On a more personal note, my interest has largely stemmed from school, work experiences, and science in the news...

Physiotherapy Personal Statement

My fascination with the body and understanding how it functions has fuelled my desire to pursue a career in physiotherapy as it incorporates science, sports and medicine which are all areas of specific interest to me...

Human Sciences Personal Statement

Perhaps what makes me different from other University applicants is that I have ambition to understand multidimensional human life. It is not the appeal of a top qualification or the zesty student lifestyle that attracts me to this course; but it is the long-term knowledge and answers to interdisciplinary human problems, and the enigmas that I will commit a lifetime investigating with perhaps no solution, that inspires me to apply...

Physiology Foundation Year Personal Statement

My fascination with Science was established during my time at college where I studied Health Studies. I have always had an enthusiastic interest in science based subjects, specifically Physiology. Studying the subject as part of my Health Studies course has made me comprehend that the life of Science is what I want to be a part of...

Health and Social Care Personal Statement

Due to previous experiences of working with a range of people in the care sector I believe that throughout my time on various work placements with people who have disabilities and difficulties in communicating, along with the experiences gained throughout my studies, my wish to pursue a career in the care profession has grown...

ODP Personal Statement

I want to study to be an ODP because I believe it will be the start of a long successful career in working in the medical field. I chose the course because I love the idea of being there for people at their most vulnerable...

Paramedic Practice/Science Personal Statement

I am applying for a place to study paramedic science/practise at your University because I have developed a great interest in that specific field of Health Science ever since I have volunteered at the Australian St...

  • Writing a CV is no easy task, and there are a great many pitfalls which you will need to avoid.
  • One of the most important elements of writing a CV is the introduction. This is known as the ‘personal statement’.
  • Your personal statement should introduce yourself and your skills to the reader. When applying for paramedic jobs, this is particularly important.
  • Paramedics play an essential role in maintaining the well-being of the general public. They deliver crucial first aid, and are instrumental in keeping individuals alive. Therefore, paramedic employers will only be looking for the very best candidates.
  • If you are writing a CV, you need to do your utmost to perfect your paramedic personal statement, and persuade your employer to read the rest of your application. In this blog, we’ll give 5 tips for writing a winning paramedic personal statement.

5 Top Tips to Consider When Writing Your Personal Statement

Keep it short.

  • When writing a personal statement, one of the biggest mistakes that many people make is that they write too much. Remember that your CV, in its entirety, should be 2 pages maximum.
  • Not only will a lengthy personal statement detract from the quality of the rest of your application, but there is a danger you will bore the reader. You need to put across your qualities in a succinct and efficient manner.
  • Remember that your personal statement is a summary of your qualities. It is not a cover letter. Try to keep your paramedic personal statement to 150 words or less.


Outline your interests.

  • The aim of your paramedic personal statement is to introduce yourself to the reader. Therefore, you need to introduce them to your interests, while keeping them relevant to the job role.
  • For example, you could briefly introduce any key work or voluntary experience in this section, ‘I worked voluntarily with St John’s Ambulance service for 5 years, alongside qualified paramedics’.


Write in first person.

  • Some people prefer to write their CVs in third person, but the danger of this is that you will come across as self-important to the employer.
  • Writing in first person allows you to talk candidly with the employer about your skills and qualities. It is more readable and will make the employer feel as if they have got to know you, rather than a third person individual that you are describing.
  • Look at the difference between the below two statements:

‘John Smith has worked and trained voluntarily alongside qualified paramedics for 2 years. He is interested in medicine and passionate about making a difference.’

‘I have worked and trained voluntarily alongside qualified paramedics for 2 years. I’m interested in medicine, and passionate about making a difference.’

You can see that the second statement has more of an impact on the reader, because it’s personal, and not detached.


Summarise the core competencies.

  • The phrase ‘core competencies’ refers to the job-specific behaviours that candidates for a position will need to demonstrate, both when applying and when employed.
  • For a paramedic, these are: the ability to stay calm in an emergency, the ability to learn new and technical information and the ability to work in pressured situations.
  • You don’t have to describe exactly how you have these competencies, as your CV and Cover Letter should do this for you.
  • Just summarise them, for example, ‘I’m a calm and collected person, who has a passion for medicine. I’m really interested in learning new technical information and have a wealth of experience working in difficult and pressured scenarios.’


Summarise why you want the job.

  • This works best as the closer to your personal statement.
  • In 2 or 3 lines, at the end of your statement, summarise why you want the role.
  • For example, ‘After completing my studies and an extended period of work experience, I’m now looking to take the valuable skills and knowledge that I have picked up, and use it in a professional working environment. I believe I’d make a fantastic addition to any paramedical team.’

For more top tips on how to write your paramedic personal statement, and secure your dream job, purchase our guide on How To Become A Paramedic.

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