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Writing A Research Paper In Political Science Baglione Pdf Download

"Some people believe that excellent writers are born, but Baglione shows how students through discipline and hard work can become outstanding writers. She focuses on the writing process from start to finish: from formulating a research question, writing a literature review, formulating hypotheses, and writing a research design to revising and editing. For each step of the process, Baglione provides real-world examples and a practical checklist. I used the first edition of this book in an upper-level, undergraduate seminar, and my students profited from it enormously. I highly recommend it for both advanced undergraduate and beginning level graduate courses." --Dan Caldwell, Pepperdine University

"Students will use this book, and faculty will be glad they did. Baglione raises the standard for the quality of the research paper, and shows students, step-by-step, how to meet that standard. With this guide, the research paper is not just an effort to fill 20 pages, but rather a true research endeavor, with a hard question, a clear thesis, a research design, a method, and a conclusion." --Paul D Anieri, University of Florida

"Writing a Research Paper in Political Science is an invaluable resource for instructors at all levels. Since it covers all the essential steps of conducting independent research, both undergraduates and graduate students in research seminars can follow its guidelines at every stage. For assignments that provide more structure, chapters on annotated bibliographies and crafting a thesis should be required reading. And the discussion of paraphrasing versus plagiarism applies across the board." --Audie Klotz, University of Syracuse

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