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Therefore I agree that although a wholly academic curriculum would suit and benetsome young people, I believe that for most students non-academic subjects are importantinclusions still in today‛s syllabuses.

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Estimated IELTS Writing Band 9

This essay was written by an IELTS examiner to give an example of a good answer. Pleaseremember that there are other ways of approaching this question that are just as good.The Academic Task 2 Writing is marked in 3 areas. Let’s look at these.

Arguments, Ideas and Evidence

This band grades the essay on its content, how it structuresits ideas and backs up the ideas with examples. When you look at the above essay, you are rststruck by how the it is set out with the paragraphs. Firstly there is a short introduction. Then thereare 2 paragraphs that provide the ideas and evidence on both sides of the question of the essaywith the writer starting to put forward his point of view. Finally there is a conclusion where thequestion is answered by the writer with his point of view. The writer examines both sides of theargument and shows that it is not an issue that is black or white. The minimum word limit of 250words has also been passed so that is not a problem. All these things would lead to a good bandfor Arguments, Ideas and Evidence.

Communicative Quality

This mark grades the candidate on how easily the reader understandsthe essay. This depends on accuracy in grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, as bad grammar,punctuation and vocabulary will cause a breakdown in communication. Other things affectingcommunication would be structure, linking words, prepositions and agreements. The paragraphingis the rst thing that helps the communicative quality. As said above the paragraphing is very good.It splits the essay up into easy-to-read chunks and separates the ideas of the essay into thesechunks. The grammar, punctuation and vocabulary are all very good and all the linking words,prepositions and agreements are all correctly used. The Communicative Quality in this essaytherefore is very good.

Vocabulary and Sentence Structure

With Vocabulary the examiner looks at the range of words used and whether they are used in the right place and at the right time. With SentenceStructure, the examiner looks at the grammar. As pointed out in the section above, the Vocabularyand Sentence Structure are very good. All word usage is correctly used and spelt correctly. Thegrammar is all error free and the punctuation is good. The Vocabulary and Sentence Structureband would be very good.

Academic Writing Practice Test 2

Task 1

The chart shows unemployed spend their time in many different things. In the morning19% men do housework with 49% women. In the afternoon this number is only 7% and 21%for housework. 20% of men and 26% of women shop in the morning but only 9% of men and17% of women shop in the afternoon. For job hunting 22% of men and 16% of women do it

Семьдесят четыре и восемь десятых, - сказала Сьюзан.  - Но я не думаю… - С дороги! - закричал Джабба, рванувшись к клавиатуре монитора.  - Это и есть ключ к шифру-убийце. Разница между критическими массами.

Семьдесят четыре и восемь десятых.

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